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Eager to Help

I have had a great experience on this place we live and have gained so much life experience that once I learned about the concept of self sabotage with Jason Christoff I felt a strong desire to get involved to help others.


Freedom from self sabotage is a key ingredient to living your best life and making life even Better Than Good!

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I Love to Learn

I have been immersed into “alternative” food, agriculture and health for 16 years and my knowledge is now practical and can be used in daily life.

I was fortunate to be self employed for the last 16 years which has given me the opportunity to learn about many subjects that apply to real life. I am not interested in “theories”. I am focused on truth.

Healing on My Own Terms

Over the last 1o years I have been exposed to a variety of health issues and concepts. Many of these were self inflicted but I was born with a heart defect that required surgery in 2022. Perfect health is an unending goal but I have overcome the odds many times in my health journey.


What My Clients Say

Here are a few comments from others that I have helped!

Brian is new to Self Sabotage coaching so we have to wait for a few weeks to give a review!

Sum Guy

Brian will be an awesome coach!

Jenna Smith

Brian has so much to offer to others who are looking for help.

Samuel Stevens

I hope Brian does well on his Self Sabotage Coaching journey.

Jessica Loren

Highly Recommended!

Mykel Johnson

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